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Fly Partnership

Fly ride was built on a promise with all our partners and our promises have shaped who we are as a company.

  1. Protect people on rides and be accountable for their safety.
2. Operate only with permission from the cities and campuses.
3. Make streets work for all people.
4. Build a team that will always be there for our customers and partners.
5. Always reduce carbon emissions.

The Fly Way


Our goal is safety, which is at the heart of all we do. We make sure our riders are aware and safe on the road through first-time rider training sessions and our Fly digital education program within the app. Additionally, in order to introduce the safety vehicles to our communities, our hardware and product teams inspect every vehicle before putting them on the streets.

Data Sharing

For the purposes of program oversight, policy, and planning, mobility data offers unprecedented value. In order to ensure user privacy, we have always been committed to exchanging data with our partners.


The majority of our local operations teams are employees—not contractors—who undergo training in the deployment and maintenance of our scooters.


We are aware that the environment and riders conduct work together to create a safe environment. Our team strives to create safe, livable, and just streets for everyone to ride on.

Partner With Fly

Fly is changing the way people get around their cities and communities by offering affordable, safe and accessible forms of personal mobility.

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