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    All independent business owners who are interested in franchising will be able to purchase Fly vehicles for cost. The scooters will be Fly branded and will be operated using the Fly app. Scooters will be delivered with the most recent GPS and anti-theft technology, and they will be map-ready.


    To keep your customers satisfied and your market on course for success, set your price, opening hours, and zoning in accordance with local regulations. For assistance with charging and maintenance, assemble a neighborhood team. Utilize cutting-edge data and geotooling created specifically for our franchise partners to optimize your operations.


    In exchange for all of these benefits, Fly will charge a service fee on every scooter ride.​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Between $800 and $1,000 USD.

    Yes, the minimum order quantity is no less than 50 vehicles.

    We currently offer our F-100 which is a Okai ES400B with swabable battery technology, so your fleet is always on the streets.

    Yes all vehicles will be Fly branded.

    No, your fleet will be run through the existing Fly app.

    Yes, there is a revenue share model.

    Reach out to us at (623) 267-5068  if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    Yes, please contact us at to learn more about our other programs.