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Frequently Asked Questions

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To download our app, just scan the QR code located on the scooter, and you will automatically be directed to the download page of your smartphone. You can also download Fly on the Google Play or App Stores on your smartphone.

Open the App – Go to the Map – Look for Closest Scooter and Click on It. It will Show the Coordinates.

To unlock our scooters, just open the App and Touch the “Start Ride” button on the screen. Next, either scan the QR code by using your Smart phone’s camera, or you may type in the code, which is located under the QR code.

Get in touch with us via the “Help” button on the bottom right corner in our app. Select the “Vehicle Issue” option and continue to fill out all of the necessary information on the form.

Please have the vehicle’s QR code! Other helpful details when reporting an issue with a vehicle is a short description of the issue and, if possible, its last known location.

If you’re having trouble with the help function, you can email us at, and we’ll respond as soon as we can!

Fly scooters can be ridden anywhere that a bicycle can lawfully be ridden. In most communities, that includes bike lanes, bike paths, and on city streets. Please do not ride on city sidewalks, and respect all local traffic laws.

When your ride is complete, please park your Fly Scooter where it will be safe and away from peoples right of way. As a courtesy and safety measure do not park on private property, do not block sidewalks, do not park in pedestrian and service ramps, do not block bus stops,or obstruct building entrances.

After you have found a safe and appropriate public place to park your Fly Scooter, open the Fly App and click on “End Ride.” Once the ride is completed, the App will give you a summary of your trip, and the charges and you will be able to view all the information in ride history on the app.

If you were involved in an incident, big or small, we urge you to let us know as soon as possible and, of course, call 911 if it warrants an emergency.

Our e-mail:

To start, we need to get as much information as possible. Please contact us by selecting the Help button on the bottom right of your screen. Click the “Help” option and continue to fill out all of the necessary information on the form. Please be as specific as possible.

Required information:
– Vehicle ID number
– Names of parties involved
– All contact information for both parties
– Any other information that is deemed necessary in determining what happened.

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