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Your Safety is Our Priority

We are committed to making mobile transportation safe. The safety of riders and members of the community is very important to us at Fly. Keep these safety tips in mind next time you ride.

Design For Safety

Here at Fly, we want to make sure you always have the Best Ride around your community. Check out our safe content for all you need to know to be safe – and have fun!

Braking System

Our Two independent braking systems protect the rider and ensure the vehicle comes to a smooth and complete stop. Built-in sensors monitor the brake functionality of each device to ensure our users’ never run into trouble.

Be Safe With Fly

  • Wear A Helmet

    Always wear a helmet when riding Fly. Accidents happen. A helmet can save your life.

  • Don’t drink and ride

    Never ride while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and very unsafe for you and others around you.

  • One rider per Scooter

    It’s prohibited and unsafe to ride with more than one person at a time. Invite your friend to ride their own scooter by trying out our Group Ride feature to ensure everyone is safe.

Road Rules

  • Follow the signs

    When riding, follow all traffic rules including street signs, traffic lights, and stop signs.

  • Use bike lanes

    Ride in bike lanes or close to the right curb away from the sidewalk.

  • 18+ only

    You must be 18+ years old with a valid driver’s license to ride a Fly e-scooter.


  • Keep it clean

    Park Fly out of the public right of way — keeping walkways, driveways, access ramps, and fire hydrants clear.

    Park Fly close to the curb, facing the street near designated bike or scooter parking areas, trees, or street signs.

  • Keep it neat

    Make sure your kickstand is securely in the down position so that the Fly Scooter stays upright.

Partner With Fly

Fly is changing the way people get around their cities and communities by offering affordable, safe and accessible forms of personal mobility.

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